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Our Mission

We create sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow through premium quality chemicals and processing equipment.


Our Story

Family and hunting.

Sherman Sheppard set out in 1977 to provide for his family while having enough time to enjoy the wildlife. He based the entire operation on three principles: quality products, customer satisfaction, and environmentally conscious operations.

Sherman didn't believe in the "band-aid" approach. He insisted on solving problems methodically which created viable solutions and lasting relationships. He had a tailored approach to each solution requested of him with a, "we can develop and make that for you" approach that still carries on today.

Family owned, global impact.

Forty-five years later, the company is still privately owned by the family.


The company has grown to manufacture and distribute premium quality chemicals and processing equipment. We are a veteran supplier for a wide array of textile industries encompassing bleaching, dyeing, and finishing chemistries.

Surry Chemicals now exports to Africa, Asia, North America, and South America with worldwide delivery.


A dependable team.

“For thirty dollars a thousand, you can be anything you want” –Sherman Sheppard
Sherman Sheppard didn’t believe in titles or job descriptions.  With an average tenure of over twenty years, our employees take care of each other by doing whatever is necessary to serve our customers.  When we put our focus on our talents as opposed to our title, we are able to deliver more value to our customers’ needs, our community, and our coworkers.

Sustainability for all.

We knew 45 years ago when we started that our products would make a positive impact on so many lives. Yet, it is our processes and procedures that make the biggest positive impact on our environment. 

Environmental impact and sustainability is at the forefront of our minds in everything we do, from creating a new product for emerging needs, to improving current products for wider application.

We know our industry has a continual fight to protect our planet, including our friends and neighbors of all kinds.


We hope you'll join us in creating sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

While we treat our process with care, we treat our customers like family.


Leading from legacy.

Sherman’s legacy lives through our modern solutions.  We serve our customers and our community with humility and a servant’s heart.  After 45 years of success, Surry Chemicals continues to put our customer’s needs, our community’s goals, our environment’s care first; then our business together will take care of itself.

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