Everclear Sunshade Stabilizer 100lb Drum

Contains Cyanuric Acid and reduces chlorine consumption in water due to ultraviolet light.

Everclear Sunshade Stabilizer 100lb Drum

This is a 100 pound bucket of Stabilizer which contains Cyanuric Acid and reduces chlorine consumption in water due to ultraviolet light. This cyanuric acid product is in granular form. This product will raise cyanuric acid levels. Recommended levels of cyanuric acid should be maintained to be at least 30 ppm.

Active Ingredient of the Stabilizer: 100% Cyanuric Acid.

Directions for Adding Chlorine Stabilizer to Your Swimming Pool:

1. Backwash or clean filter prior to using this product.
2. Calculate the total amount of stabilizer to be added. 2.5 pounds per 10,000 gallons of water will increase cyanuric acid levels by 30 ppm. (1 pound equals 2-1/4 dry measuring cup.)
3A. Apply Directly To Pool: Product may not dissolve instantly when applied to the pool. Brush or vacuum undissolved particles until dissolved or removed with a vacuum.
3B. Skimmer Application: If pool plumbing is plastic, this product may be applied very slowly to the skimmer. When applying this product to the skimmer, remove the basket and any other materials from the skimmer. Add 1/2 the total recommended dosage every 8 hours. As product is being introduced to the skimmer, the pump may run harder and filter pressure may temporarily increase.
4. DO NOT backwash or clean your filter at least 72 hours after treatment.
5. Allow product to circulate for 3 to 5 days before testing cyanic acid levels.

Do not dissolve this product prior to use. Never mix different products together in the same bottle or pail. Always apply product to water with the circulation system operating. Pool use may resume 15 minutes after the product has entered the filter or when the product in the pool has fully dissolved.

Product Features:
100% Cyanuric Acid
Increases chlorine effectiveness
Prevents unnecessary loss of chlorine due to the sun
Slow dissolving granular product