Truckwash 200

TB#Truckwash 200

Truckwash 200

Truckwash 200 is ”the chemical solution” for one-step cleaning of tractors, trailers, frames and engines. Truckwash 200 is scientifically designed to remove oxides, road film, and oil from metal surfaces. Truckwash 200 enables most users to clean equipment without using dangerous acid cleaners. Truckwash 200 may be applied to the surface by either high pressure or low pressure soap attachment at an average concentration of 40 to1 ;or 1.5 to 2 pints per minute. Truckwash 200 may be mixed in stronger dilutions for de-greasing.

Truckwash 200 is biodegradable.

Appearance - Amber liquid

Miscibility - In any proportions of water

pH (1% solution) - 11.0 (Typical)

Storage - keep from freezing

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