Surlube M


Surlube M

Surlube M is an effective low foam polymeric type lubricant designed for processing of natural or synthetic fabrics in Jet or Beck dye machines. Surlube M is especially effective in preventing crack marks, chafing, crease marks, and significantly reduces mechanical abrasion in the process.

Additionally, Surlube M offers outstanding fiber to fiber and fiber to metal lubricity.

Surlube M exhibits excellent compatibility with dyestuff auxiliaries producing level crack-free dyeings consistently.

pH (1% solution) - 5.8 (Typical)

Appearance - Clear to slightly hazy liquid

Specific Gravity @25ºC - 1.005 (Typical)

Use Surlube M at 1.0% (OWG) for prescour applications, use at 2.0% (OWG) in dye baths to produce adequate lubricity and prevent in-process crack marks. On certain difficult styles double concentration may be required.

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