Surchem GPR


Surchem GPR

Surchem GPR is a concentrated textile scouring agent specifically formulated for tunnel applications.

The product offers good alkali stability and is formulated to be an effective detergent. 

Surchem GPR is also very effective for dispersing water extractables which are to be rinsed from cotton or cotton/synthetic blend textile substrates. 

Surchem GPR is particularly useful in peroxide bleach formulations where quick wetting and good compatibility is required with typical bleach bath components (opticals, alkali, etc.).

Chemical Nature - Nonionic

Appearance - Clear, colorless liquid

Solubility - Soluble in cool water, dispersible in hot water.

pH (1% solution) - 5.5-8.5

For tunnel bleaching applications, use 0.5-1.0% on weight of goods for best results in peroxide bleach formulations.

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