Surchem GLF

TB#Surchem GLF

Surchem GLF

Surchem GLF is a highly effective, ready-to-use, fast acting, low odor, rubber floor cleaner.

Appearance - Clear liquid

Miscibility - In any proportions to water

Storage - Keep from freezing

Surchem GLF is ready to use. Do not add water as dilution will reduce performance.
For surfaces listed below, apply Surchem GLF liberally, wait approximately 1-2 minutes, brush, and rinse. For older or more concentrated stains and residues, a repeat application may be necessary.
It can be used to pretreat stains on clothing if applied before the stain has dried.

• Spray Tanks: wheel wells, booms, plastic wheel hubs, plastic exterior
• Yardage markers
• Irrigation heads
• Tee markers
• Cart paths
• Golf carts
• Plaques
• Statues
• Wooden benches
• Tile and grout
• Pool furniture
• Pool decks
• Swimming pool vinyl lining
• Composition tennis courts
• Concrete
• Stone
• Stainless steel
• Masonry
• Porcelain
• Ceramic and quarry tile

Use Restrictions:
Not to be used on marble, soft stone, granite, or unfinished aluminum. Do not use on aluminum equipment at temperatures above 120°F (49°C).

The information supplied is accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge. However; no warranty is given, expressed or implied. Recipients are advised to confirm in advance that the information is current and applicable to their particular application.