Sodium Hypochlorite - Aqueous


Sodium Hypochlorite - Aqueous

Sodium Hypochlorite solutions are used for bleaching in the textile trade. Surry Chemical's Sodium Hypochlorite is a stabilized 15% aqueous solution and is a very strong oxidizing agent. The product is corrosive to the eyes, skin, and mocous membranes. Inhalation can cause coughing.

Sodium Hypochlorite should not be exposed to acids, high temperatures, and to metals such as aluminum, oxidizable steel, copper, or zinc. If exposed to acids, toxic gases (chlorine) could be evolved!

Activity - 15% Sodium Hypochlorite

Odor - Chlorine, disagreeable and irritating

Appearance - Pale yellow solution

Solubility - Soluble in cold water, decomposes in hot water.

Application: Use 10.0 - 20.0% (OWB). Call Surry Chemicals for specific recommendations on your application.

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