Big G Cleaner


Big G Cleaner

Big G Cleaner is a highly effective one-step cleaning system for metal, concrete, wood and other surfaces that require deep cleaning.
This product emulsifies and penetrates oils, waxes; removes oxidation, and grime leaving surfaces clean and free of contamination. Big G Cleaner if used regularly on a systematic cleaning schedule will eliminate hard to clean surfaces.

Solubility in water - Complete in water.

Stability - Good with alkali, salts, hard water.

pH - 11.5
Appearance - Clear dark amber liquid

Big G Cleaner is useful with both pressure and non-pressure equipment.

Typical application:
Big G Cleaner - 5parts water to 1 part Big G Cleaner is a good starting solution for most general cleaning. Stronger or undiluted product can be used also in most equipment. Apply and let sit on dirty surface for 10 minutes, rinse with water.

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