Pool Chemicals

The quality of your swimming experience stems from proper water management. We offer a variety of swimming pool chemicals designed to meeting your needs. All of our chemicals are congruent with the specific standards of proper swimming pool care.

Product List

Aqua Silk Sanitizer

Aqua Silk Chlorine Free Sanitizer 64 oz.

Sanitizer is a highly stable and effective alternative to traditional pool sanitizers.

Aqua Silk Shock Oxidizer

Aqua Silk Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer 1 Gallon

Shock oxidizer contains a specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide to clarify pool water by oxidizing organic compounds completely and efficiently.

CCH Calcium Hypocloryite 3″ Tab / 50 lb Pail

CCH Calcium Hypocloryite 3″ Tab / 50 lb Pail

Designed for use with the CCH Cal-Hypo Feeder. This 3 inch tablet is 65% calcium hypochlorite and cyanuric acid-free so there is never any danger of over stabilization.

DryTec Calcium Hypoclorite

DryTec Calcium Hypoclorite 100 lb Drum

Provides effective sanitizing and disinfecting solutions in a host of applications, including water treatment facilities, pulp & paper, meat processing and more.

Algaestroy 50

Everclear Algaestroy 50

A powerful and concentrated formula that combats all types of algae that grow in swimming pools and spas.

Everclear Calcium Hypchlorite Granular 100 lb Drum

Everclear Calcium Hypchlorite Granular 100 lb Drum

A routine sanitizer that kills and prevents the growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Everclear Poly 60

Everclear Poly 60 Algeacide 1qt

A concentrated formula that destroys algae and prevents it from starting.

Everclear Slow Sticks

Everclear Slow Sticks 50 lb Pail

Stabilized chlorine sticks used to disinfect and sanitize swimming pools.

Everclear Sunshade Stabilizer

Everclear Sunshade Stabilizer 100lb Drum

Contains Cyanuric Acid and reduces chlorine consumption in water due to ultraviolet light.

GLB 1″Chlorine Tablets 50lbs

GLB 1″Chlorine Tablets 50lbs

Disinfect and sanitize your swimming pool.

Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring and Fall 1 L

Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring and Fall 1 L

Pool Magic controls non-living organic contamination during the off season to minimize the work when opening the pool.

Norweco Bio-Neutralizer Tablets

Norweco Bio-Neutralizer 45lb Pail (18/pallet)

Bio-Neutralizer® Tablets are an ideal way to eliminate chlorine from water and wastewater and meet stringent limits on chlorine residual